Aura Nox Anima Screening Now

Aura Nox Anima has made it to the city boundaries of the EU whereby it is currently being screened as part of the Instants Video Festival 2017. You can read more about that here.

My aforementioned short video art work has been curated into part of the Visual Container TV - an online channel for continuous video art streaming. Screening until November 30 - if you're looking for something non mainstream to watch, which within the content are embedded thematics  around challenging the current status quo of modern humanity and building enlightening spaces of resistance to human, mercantile, warlike, xenophobic… stupidity, I'm proud that my work investigating existential contemplations brought on by vast geographies, somatic sensitivity and death has been considered part of this. 

Watch it and some other great video art works here. 24hr/24d - for you insomniacs. 

PRESS_Visual Container_Video des Instants_2017.jpg

30th Edition of Instants Vidéo: Numériques et Poétiques

Aura Nox Anima is finally leaving Australian shores and will feature in 30th Edition of Instants Vidéo: Numériques et Poétiques, a French video art festival in its 30th year. This year's theme 'Our Desires are Disorders' was appropriately positioned in the way we're headed into this Anthropocene induced mass extinction. Yet also, in the great nothing, we probably could have even more than we can conceive. Out of a huge global mix of entries, apparently only 0.41% of entries came from Oceania, I'm pleased to be representing our often overlooked southerly position when it comes to international contemporary art.

A big thank you to Andrés Neumann (Roma, IT) for helping me realise my artworks are my children and in that, I want them to go forth and experience beautiful journeys around the world, have opportunities to connect with people and in that, help both myself and the works evolve. 

Aura Nox Anima will be screened online at a specific time during November. I will update this post with the date/time/link closer to the then. 

More information about the festival here:

Upcoming Artistic Residencies

2017 has been a great year for artistic residencies, intialising via a collaboration with dancer Kathryn Puie and musician Yantra de Vilder at Bundanon Trust, NSW. I too will be collaborating again with Kathryn Puie at Critical Path later this year for a dance responsive research residency and now have just found out that I've been accepted into the 'Silence, Awareness, Existence' artistic residency at Arteles in Finland at the cap of next year. 

After much collaboration this year, balancing out with retreat, respite and introversion is much needed to reset and discover new bodies of work in my solo practice, thanks to the thematic residency program by Arteles winter 2017-18 in Finland. 

Platform 2017

A collections of performed artworks at Articulate Project Space Leichhardt. 

It's been over 14 years since I last performed. 2017 marks a year that I returned to the space not as an exhibiting 2D and video artist but as a empty body inhabiting space, vacant and moved in and under VOLUMIN. Under the sharp direction of a dear teacher and mentor, Tess De Quincey, a 5 minute window was granted to define space within the body and the vacancy that comes after death. 

Images ©2017 Vsevolod Vlaskine


I'm grateful I've recently taken a holiday to the holy land to acquaint with family I've never before met and as a result now understand from where my roots are spawned and why I am the way I am. Wouldn't say this holiday has provided me respite, but it has energised me in new ways and perspectives, for which I'm grateful. I've returned to delightedly announce the following news, that my artistic offspring are being exhibited this month across three different galleries and establishments. 

If you are proximate to Sydney (and hence myself) you will have two opportunities to enjoy my work alongside those of other wonderful Sydney artists. One of my works will be featured as part of Gaffa's Ten Years anniversary exhibition, opening the 15th and running until the 23rd September. More info here and coming soon via social media channels, etc. 

And for one night only - showcasing more than just flashing lights is one of Sydney's newest and rather needed nights for great art specific to it's inner city location of Chippendale is the BEAMS Festival 2016. My new work postquam terrae (an experimental video created in collaboration with the amazing performer Kathryn Puie) will debut on the rooftop of shop belonging to Extraordinary Ordinary Day - a flagship concept for shoes designed by the talented Ashley Lim. We both saw fit the connection of her minimal yet dynamic footwear to my work exploring the physicality of finding ground and walking unknown territory. We approached Nicky Ginsberg with this idea and here we are enjoying a Sydney spring art festival. So come down, the streets of Chippendale will be alive and plenty to see, eat, drink and chat about. Save Saturday 17th September from 5-10pm in your diaries and call out. Would be lovely to see you. 

More info here:

If you are in Tasmania this month - my video Aura Nox Anima (which premiered earlier this year at Gaffa, Sydney and the Chippendale New World Art Prize) is being screened at the Tasmanian International Video Art Festival (TIVAF) opening tomorrow: Friday 2nd Sep and running until the 24th Sep. More information here:


Still from :: postquam terrae :: 2016

Fibulae Tibulae Femora @ SeeMe NYC

 It's been so manic lately - I've only just noticed in my emails, that my above mentioned digital photograph of collected bones, was selected for exhibition at SeeMe in New York just recently. Falling within the collection entitled: 'The Beauty of the World', it was shown June 8th, at their main event in Times Square, NYC.

Fibulae Tibulae Femora by Lux Eterna

Aura Nox Anima at Vivid Sydney


It's with great pleasure that I can announce my latest short video work Aura Nox Anima has been accepted into the Chippendale New World Art Prize, running as part of Vivid Sydney this year.

I would like to thank my friend and performer from the video, Jessa Holman for landmarking this to me and that I should enter. For winning the prize would mean I can finance parts of the next video production I have visions for creating. One can hope. Time in Assisi, Italy would be a dream come true to draw up the story board for the next video work, collect footage of different topographies, architecture and explore what the female gaze could mean with me, a woman behind the camera, in relation to dance, movement, subject and space. 

I warmly invite you all down to The Old Rum Store, 2-10 Kensington St, Chippendale 2 June 2016 from 6pm to see me, my work and an entire barrage of Sydney artists featuring their work pertaining to the set theme of 'Spirit.' 

I also rarely celebrate my birthday and instead of doing so, I will channel the celebrations into this night - with a design to go out for further drinks and maybe dinner afterwards. Please join me. 

Find out more info here.

Second part of me and parts of all women who've lead me here

As I previously mentioned, I was approached by two very amazing women and interviewed about my life, my art and what it may mean to be a woman in this world. A huge thank you to Molly Schikosky and Alice Brose from the connection corner for granting me this opportunity to share parts of myself. So if you feel the desire to delve into my psyche, click through via the image below or here

There's also a wonderful page on their website featuring our most beautiful and unsung heroes of the world; our Mothers.