Solo Exhibition: Bird Bones and Beauty

So I've been spending more time in the real world doing and making prints of my photographs for my first upcoming solo exhibition titled: Bird Bones and Beauty. Two separate series of photographic bodies of work juxtaposed against the other to create meaning via adjacent context. The collected bird bones found in the windy sand dunes of Anna Bay, NSW and portrait images of female sitters taken by me - a female photographer, who notices how different the performance of the female sitter becomes when in receipt of direction from another female who doesn't want anything sexual from her. A new type of authenticity and uncertain playfulness emerges, challenging current perceptions of female beauty and femininity. Two feminine forces are present and are catalyst for change. The contrast of death and decay by the natural environment, alongside images that capture an unknowingness in performance of a woman due to the space given to perform without any preconceived notions about sexuality and sexual availability by another woman. 

The invite is attached below. If you're Sydney settled, come: