LUX - The world's most sensitive dark matter detector

Upon my research into all things scientific, specifically: Dark Matter, as I am creating a body of work surrounding the exploration of darkness, mysticism, the inward journey into retreat and reflection and geometry, I stumbled across an article about LUX. Large Underground Xenon. 

Not an expert to wax on exactly about the technologies of how and why it works, but insights into what dark matter is succinctly posited in this phrase: 'Dark matter, so far observed only by its gravitational effects on galaxies and clusters of galaxies, is the predominant form of matter in the universe.

Something that can't be seen, yet is known to us because of its effect, gravitational or otherwise. How often are many other things dismissed because they can't be seen? Its existence shouldn't be invalidated, simply due to the limitations of our physical senses. 

Cool times indeed.

Read the article here:

Here's a picture of the actual device: