Aura Nox Anima Screening Now

Aura Nox Anima has made it to the city boundaries of the EU whereby it is currently being screened as part of the Instants Video Festival 2017. You can read more about that here.

My aforementioned short video art work has been curated into part of the Visual Container TV - an online channel for continuous video art streaming. Screening until November 30 - if you're looking for something non mainstream to watch, which within the content are embedded thematics  around challenging the current status quo of modern humanity and building enlightening spaces of resistance to human, mercantile, warlike, xenophobic… stupidity, I'm proud that my work investigating existential contemplations brought on by vast geographies, somatic sensitivity and death has been considered part of this. 

Watch it and some other great video art works here. 24hr/24d - for you insomniacs. 

PRESS_Visual Container_Video des Instants_2017.jpg