30th Edition of Instants Vidéo: Numériques et Poétiques

Aura Nox Anima is finally leaving Australian shores and will feature in 30th Edition of Instants Vidéo: Numériques et Poétiques, a French video art festival in its 30th year. This year's theme 'Our Desires are Disorders' was appropriately positioned in the way we're headed into this Anthropocene induced mass extinction. Yet also, in the great nothing, we probably could have even more than we can conceive. Out of a huge global mix of entries, apparently only 0.41% of entries came from Oceania, I'm pleased to be representing our often overlooked southerly position when it comes to international contemporary art.

A big thank you to Andrés Neumann (Roma, IT) for helping me realise my artworks are my children and in that, I want them to go forth and experience beautiful journeys around the world, have opportunities to connect with people and in that, help both myself and the works evolve. 

Aura Nox Anima will be screened online at a specific time during November. I will update this post with the date/time/link closer to the then. 

More information about the festival here: http://www.instantsvideo.com/blog/en/archives/2900