Aura Nox Anima at Vivid Sydney


It's with great pleasure that I can announce my latest short video work Aura Nox Anima has been accepted into the Chippendale New World Art Prize, running as part of Vivid Sydney this year.

I would like to thank my friend and performer from the video, Jessa Holman for landmarking this to me and that I should enter. For winning the prize would mean I can finance parts of the next video production I have visions for creating. One can hope. Time in Assisi, Italy would be a dream come true to draw up the story board for the next video work, collect footage of different topographies, architecture and explore what the female gaze could mean with me, a woman behind the camera, in relation to dance, movement, subject and space. 

I warmly invite you all down to The Old Rum Store, 2-10 Kensington St, Chippendale 2 June 2016 from 6pm to see me, my work and an entire barrage of Sydney artists featuring their work pertaining to the set theme of 'Spirit.' 

I also rarely celebrate my birthday and instead of doing so, I will channel the celebrations into this night - with a design to go out for further drinks and maybe dinner afterwards. Please join me. 

Find out more info here.

D U N E // Solo Exhibition Interlude Gallery, Glebe

The last year has directed artistic exploration based on time spent out in the sand dunes of Anna Bay, NSW. This current body of work has taken up residence for two weeks at Sydney's Interlude gallery in Glebe. Firstly, a huge thanks to those who came and supported me in my home city and to those who couldn't be present due to global distance and work priorities, this post is for you. I'm being asked to share the exhibition with you, so hopefully you can experience virtually here. Another big thanks to Interlude Gallery, Ballsy Wild Kombucha and Poor Tom's Gin, Sydney's own local brewers who kindly provided refreshment on the evening. 

W E L C O M E   T O   D U N E  

Exhibition Catalogue

You are able to see clean representations of the photographs exhibited here

You are able to see the video and soundscape here:

You can purchase and/or look to purchase works from here. Just bear in mind I haven't posted all of them as yet, but if something perks your interest, don't hesitate to contact me directly and we can arrange for it to become yours. Note that each print is one of four in its edition plus artist's proof. 

Isabela from Interlude did interview me about me and my work, you can watch me talk here:

Here are some images of the gallery space itself:

And some more kindly taken by friends of the opening and closing events: 

Inspirators // #1: Ben Frost

We all have moments where we cannot produce, we are stifled, we are concerned with the more banal yet vital aspects of life. Presently being deliberately displaced in NYC has prioritised my focus onto finding work, home and friends. The only thing available to me while I find subjects to capture and with whom to collaborate is to receive and experience the work of other artists. 

Ben Frost is a huge inspiration to me, one who bridges the gap, solely himself, between audio-visual media. I Always wondering how my 13 years as a classically trained musician will ever marry with my visual creations, Frost does herald creative designs and possibilities of multi-disciplinary art/creation. 

The latest: The Wasp Factory a stunning exploration into the psychological realms of humanity and the diversity of who we are, our inner workings light and dark, quantified by a beautifully haunting soundscape. Check it here: 

More on Ben Frost:

Image from The Wasp Factory

Image from The Wasp Factory