I'm grateful I've recently taken a holiday to the holy land to acquaint with family I've never before met and as a result now understand from where my roots are spawned and why I am the way I am. Wouldn't say this holiday has provided me respite, but it has energised me in new ways and perspectives, for which I'm grateful. I've returned to delightedly announce the following news, that my artistic offspring are being exhibited this month across three different galleries and establishments. 

If you are proximate to Sydney (and hence myself) you will have two opportunities to enjoy my work alongside those of other wonderful Sydney artists. One of my works will be featured as part of Gaffa's Ten Years anniversary exhibition, opening the 15th and running until the 23rd September. More info here and coming soon via social media channels, etc. 

And for one night only - showcasing more than just flashing lights is one of Sydney's newest and rather needed nights for great art specific to it's inner city location of Chippendale is the BEAMS Festival 2016. My new work postquam terrae (an experimental video created in collaboration with the amazing performer Kathryn Puie) will debut on the rooftop of shop belonging to Extraordinary Ordinary Day - a flagship concept for shoes designed by the talented Ashley Lim. We both saw fit the connection of her minimal yet dynamic footwear to my work exploring the physicality of finding ground and walking unknown territory. We approached Nicky Ginsberg with this idea and here we are enjoying a Sydney spring art festival. So come down, the streets of Chippendale will be alive and plenty to see, eat, drink and chat about. Save Saturday 17th September from 5-10pm in your diaries and call out. Would be lovely to see you. 

More info here: beamsfestival.com.au

If you are in Tasmania this month - my video Aura Nox Anima (which premiered earlier this year at Gaffa, Sydney and the Chippendale New World Art Prize) is being screened at the Tasmanian International Video Art Festival (TIVAF) opening tomorrow: Friday 2nd Sep and running until the 24th Sep. More information here: www.tivaf.org


Still from :: postquam terrae :: 2016

aura :: nox :: anima

I didn't think my next solo exhibition would fall so soon after my last one DUNE at Interlude Gallery in Glebe of Oct 2015. Six months later, in the vast and dry emptiness of the Moroccan desert, I snatched a brief signal whilst on the Dune of Reception, notifying me of my submission success.  I welcome you, on the autumnal equinox of March 31st to Gaffa in Sydney for  aura  ::  nox  ::  anima

Born out of existing bodies of work compelled by dry geographies such as the dunes and desert, my residency in Morocco yielded a more geological exploration into death and life cycles, by closely investigating rock and fossil forms. Still inclusive of bodyweather practices, dedication in mediation and movement within this harsh climate, invoked the elements somatically. 

The exhibition is in two parts: Video of long durational performance and movement in the dunes and 2D renditions of rock and stone faces found in what once was a sea bed teeming with life and now a dry barren desert. 


Artist Residency - Morocco

I'm only five more sleeps away from flying out and into the Moroccan desert for one month on artist residency at Cafe Tissardmine. They have advised it is hard for most artists to last the entire month, yet I'm relieved that there will be no internet and I am divining for solitude, silence and rejuvenation by getting up close and personal with a vastness of Earth's terrain that has me meditating on death, physical laws of thermodynamics and more mystical stirrings of rebirth.

I also wish to include my own long durational performance and Bodyweather practice into the elements of the Sahara, so that they may inform my movement and art making for the next year. The current body of work that has beaconed my creations has been because of the desert, the dunes and what I found there. I am trusting that I may begin to go deeper into this journey, as I intuit this next step a necessity. I have been resting now in the days before I travel, so that my energy can be focused for work, be grounded physically for drastic temperature shifts, sandstorms and ready to call on my meditation practice once there to guide me further into the chasms of shifting sands and dust. Of us. 

A lot of my personal artist and spiritual practice is embedded in Butoh, Bodyweather and meditation. I've recently and quickly trying to scour for information upon which to think before I leave in addition to searching for Butoh dance workshops in Europe while I am overseas. I found this excerpt on Tatsumi Hijikata:

 'Hijikata's ankoku butô attempted to shatter the complacency of his spectators by placing on stage everything that our modem world required to be hidden from sight because it caused existential discomfort - disease, disability, sexuality, death, and the waste produced from massive material consumption. Whether physically buried in the earth or repressed deep in the human psyche, these banished parts became phantoms that he believed haunted the souls of modern people. By putting what was taboo onto the stage, Hijikata urged people to look at these disowned parts of themselves.'

I know that my explorations in bones and death stem from a very similar desire. I'm am comfortable with what most people are not. I recall a quote, but not by who: 'The role of the artist is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable' Hijikata puts it more eloquently and commits action behind this by urging people to proximate with their self's 'disowned' parts.