Vivid Lights // Sydney

I went to see the following light and sound installation by creative visionaries: Gemma Smith and Caterina Vicaretti. Who both teamed up to beam up the facade of Sydney's MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) with their art. The surface was awash with electric colours and cosmic shapes morphing from one into the next. 

Hypnotised by the kaleidoscope of anamorphic primal colour and subliminal shapes, I stood there in the cold and viewed it more than three times. It was the best night out since 'back in the days' without altering substances required. Art that moves the soul to unite. There are so many ways to get high, this, for me, is the most preferred and definite one of them. 

Subsequently, nothing further at the Vivid Lights Festival, seemed worthy of viewing. With my imagination sparked and my senses thrilled, I followed the track straight home and into bed. 

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Gemma Smith: 

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