Inspirators // #1: Ben Frost

We all have moments where we cannot produce, we are stifled, we are concerned with the more banal yet vital aspects of life. Presently being deliberately displaced in NYC has prioritised my focus onto finding work, home and friends. The only thing available to me while I find subjects to capture and with whom to collaborate is to receive and experience the work of other artists. 

Ben Frost is a huge inspiration to me, one who bridges the gap, solely himself, between audio-visual media. I Always wondering how my 13 years as a classically trained musician will ever marry with my visual creations, Frost does herald creative designs and possibilities of multi-disciplinary art/creation. 

The latest: The Wasp Factory a stunning exploration into the psychological realms of humanity and the diversity of who we are, our inner workings light and dark, quantified by a beautifully haunting soundscape. Check it here: 

More on Ben Frost:

Image from The Wasp Factory

Image from The Wasp Factory