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So I was approached by two very dear and impressive women: Molly Schikosky and Alice Brose. They are an inspiration in themselves and feel so great that I've been able to work with them. They asked me some some pretty full on questions - but I wouldn't have it any other way. I gave them my all. If you are curious about me and how I breathe, words are below. 

And yes, no holding back, so they will be posted in two parts. Here's part I:

Aura :: Nox :: Anima - Exhibition now on at Gaffa, Sydney

It's been manic getting everything installed and in the lead up to and the launch which has now passed, I've forgotten about making time to sit down and share some words on the opening night. I've also been immensely exhausted and in need of a rest. But there's one week left and I would love to share it with you.

Should you be in the city - take out 10-15 mins of your day to sit still (there's a bench for you) to contemplate the video piece titled: Aura Nox Anima, process and check out my drawings on collected rock forms from the Moroccan desert. 

More specific information follows here: 

 Aura Nox Anima is an exhibition in two parts, taken from a body of work that parallels the imperceptibly slow passage of time and how life layers itself into death within these desolate environments. Envisioned in still imagery of desert found, cross sectioned rocks and in video of dancers’ long durational presence in the dunes. In both these juxtapositions, we are invited to start perceiving a slower passage of time, acknowledging our visceral vulnerabilities and the dense bio-materials, that may or may not mineralise in our memory, are on loan from the earth. 

Conglomerating residencies in the windblown and sand dusted topographies of Anna Bay, NSW and Erg Chebbi, Morocco, a fascination with death, her Bodyweather practice and collected bio-material/geo-material, all yield a timeless space for existential contemplation. Deliberating the simplicity of these sandy geographies, human figures surrendering to the design of the elements and minimally linear tracings of found minerals, rocks and fossils, Aura Nox Anima creates a space, gentle in holding truths about our mortality and serves to guide visitors to a possible level of comfort in acknowledging that an end is imminent. 

I'm also hosting a closing event at the gallery this Saturday 9.4.16 from 2-4pm if you couldn't make the opening and would like to gather over some bubbles. Event information here:

Is This Art?

With one week to go, DLUX Media Arts has just uploaded their program in which I and my work DUNE, feature. So pleased to be taking up space with other brilliant Sydney artists. 

Check it out -

And event details are on the page. If you're too lazy to click through, then here:

aura :: nox :: anima

I didn't think my next solo exhibition would fall so soon after my last one DUNE at Interlude Gallery in Glebe of Oct 2015. Six months later, in the vast and dry emptiness of the Moroccan desert, I snatched a brief signal whilst on the Dune of Reception, notifying me of my submission success.  I welcome you, on the autumnal equinox of March 31st to Gaffa in Sydney for  aura  ::  nox  ::  anima

Born out of existing bodies of work compelled by dry geographies such as the dunes and desert, my residency in Morocco yielded a more geological exploration into death and life cycles, by closely investigating rock and fossil forms. Still inclusive of bodyweather practices, dedication in mediation and movement within this harsh climate, invoked the elements somatically. 

The exhibition is in two parts: Video of long durational performance and movement in the dunes and 2D renditions of rock and stone faces found in what once was a sea bed teeming with life and now a dry barren desert. 


Create or Die

So I've hit the motherland ground running. It's been busy and full of good news and great things to be working towards, such as my next solo exhibition at Gaffa (details to be released soon), being featured in Aesthetica Magazine's artist directory Feb/Mar Issue (more info here) and receiving notice from the amazing Sydney based media arts organisation DLUX, that my video DUNE is going to be screened at their next event: Is This Art?, as part of the Spectrum Now Festival

I guess this means more regular blogging and updating social media channels and for everyone who knows me, this will test my mettle, as I prefer to be living grounded in the real world, kinesthetically creating and producing art. But I am doing what I love and am happy to share it with those who have supported me in all stages of my journeys and believe in the message of my work. 

The event is hosted by Create of Die 10 Mitchell St, Marrickville, Sydney on Thursday 10th March 6-9pm

I would love to see you there! 

And a huge thank you to my dancers/performing artists who made my vision a reality. Lauren Lloyd Williams, Kirsten Packham, Angela French and Jessa Holman

Artist Residency - Morocco

I'm only five more sleeps away from flying out and into the Moroccan desert for one month on artist residency at Cafe Tissardmine. They have advised it is hard for most artists to last the entire month, yet I'm relieved that there will be no internet and I am divining for solitude, silence and rejuvenation by getting up close and personal with a vastness of Earth's terrain that has me meditating on death, physical laws of thermodynamics and more mystical stirrings of rebirth.

I also wish to include my own long durational performance and Bodyweather practice into the elements of the Sahara, so that they may inform my movement and art making for the next year. The current body of work that has beaconed my creations has been because of the desert, the dunes and what I found there. I am trusting that I may begin to go deeper into this journey, as I intuit this next step a necessity. I have been resting now in the days before I travel, so that my energy can be focused for work, be grounded physically for drastic temperature shifts, sandstorms and ready to call on my meditation practice once there to guide me further into the chasms of shifting sands and dust. Of us. 

A lot of my personal artist and spiritual practice is embedded in Butoh, Bodyweather and meditation. I've recently and quickly trying to scour for information upon which to think before I leave in addition to searching for Butoh dance workshops in Europe while I am overseas. I found this excerpt on Tatsumi Hijikata:

 'Hijikata's ankoku butô attempted to shatter the complacency of his spectators by placing on stage everything that our modem world required to be hidden from sight because it caused existential discomfort - disease, disability, sexuality, death, and the waste produced from massive material consumption. Whether physically buried in the earth or repressed deep in the human psyche, these banished parts became phantoms that he believed haunted the souls of modern people. By putting what was taboo onto the stage, Hijikata urged people to look at these disowned parts of themselves.'

I know that my explorations in bones and death stem from a very similar desire. I'm am comfortable with what most people are not. I recall a quote, but not by who: 'The role of the artist is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable' Hijikata puts it more eloquently and commits action behind this by urging people to proximate with their self's 'disowned' parts. 

D U N E screened at the Paradise Music & Cinema Festival

My latest short video featuring Sydney based Bodyweather performers and shot at Anna Bay's sand dunes in NSW, has been screened at Paradise Cinema, which is part of the Paradise Music Festival 2015, held at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort in VIC 27-29th November. 

You can find out more about Paradise here.

If you are not indulging this summer festival of music and cinema, you can watch it here

Apologies for the untimely post but I was on residency in the Moroccan desert sans Internet while it was on. 

Lux Eterna shares on ABC's Lateline

I was asked while I was at work today what I was doing on TV, specifically ABC's Lateline several nights ago. I had the pleasure of being invited to an open rehearsal of Xavier Le Roy's Temporary Title 2015. I was lucky to be in company of performers, some of whom I knew and included in such an warm and open developmental part of this art event, made possible here in Sydney by Kaldor Public Art Projects and Carriageworks. 

Here's the link for the episode on ABC's iView, if you're so inclined to see what I had to share:  (Watch from about 19:00 for the segment on Xavier Le Roy)

I also was encouraged to share a written reflection on my experience, this can be read on Kaldor Public Art Project's Blog here:

D U N E // Solo Exhibition Interlude Gallery, Glebe

The last year has directed artistic exploration based on time spent out in the sand dunes of Anna Bay, NSW. This current body of work has taken up residence for two weeks at Sydney's Interlude gallery in Glebe. Firstly, a huge thanks to those who came and supported me in my home city and to those who couldn't be present due to global distance and work priorities, this post is for you. I'm being asked to share the exhibition with you, so hopefully you can experience virtually here. Another big thanks to Interlude Gallery, Ballsy Wild Kombucha and Poor Tom's Gin, Sydney's own local brewers who kindly provided refreshment on the evening. 

W E L C O M E   T O   D U N E  

Exhibition Catalogue

You are able to see clean representations of the photographs exhibited here

You are able to see the video and soundscape here:

You can purchase and/or look to purchase works from here. Just bear in mind I haven't posted all of them as yet, but if something perks your interest, don't hesitate to contact me directly and we can arrange for it to become yours. Note that each print is one of four in its edition plus artist's proof. 

Isabela from Interlude did interview me about me and my work, you can watch me talk here:

Here are some images of the gallery space itself:

And some more kindly taken by friends of the opening and closing events: